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Be careful when pronouncing Finnish





Make sure you know how to say things right in Finnish to avoid an awkward situation. Here’s an example what a few wrong letters might do:

Rakkaus = Love

Rokkaus = Rocking

Raskaus = Pregnancy

Roskaus = Trashing

Raiskaus = Rape

Rikkaus = Wealth

Roiskaus = A large splash/spill

don’t forget

tapaan sinut - i (will) meet you

tapan sinut - i (will) kill you


kuusi - six

kusi - piss

Oh fug


nain sinut - i (will) marry you

nain sinua - i (will) fuck you


näin sinut - i saw you



The thing about Rumplestiltskin is that when he gives Belle something he’s not like “oh here’s a bracelet girls like this kind of stuff right?” but more “I know you like books but I didn’t know which one you’d like best so I got them all.” and that’s fucking adorable.

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Merry: confused awe

Frodo: confused awe

Sam: confused awe

Pippin: finally i’m getting the respect i deserve from these peasants 

so accurate i am choking on my carrot. this is making me giggle harder than it should. I love Pippin so much.

I don’t think there will come time when I’m not reblogging this. Sorry guys. 

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what I hoped to get from this week’s OUAT after watching the ep halfway through: Hook teaming up with Ariel after they discover that Eric is dead, the pair of them going on adventures and Hook slowly starting to realise what a dick he’s been and falling for Ariel in the process, Ariel gushing over Belle and how cool she thinks Belle is, Hook feeling pain over Ariel not remembering their year together, Belle and Ariel being best buddies and solving problems together, Ariel helping Belle out with setting Rumple free, Ariel finding out that Hook tried to kill Belle twice, Ariel calling Hook out on his bullshit behaviour, Hook opening up about Milah, flashbacks about Hook and Milah doing stuff

what I actually got from this week’s OUAT instead: cringe-worthy plot twists I could have written in my self-insert Dragonlance fanfics when I was 12, amusing driving lessons from grampa Charming